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Welcome to the official website of St Addai The Apostle Parish for Chaldean Catholics in New Zealand, this parish is part of the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St Thomas the Apostle of Australia and New Zealand. To know more about us visit the site's pages.

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Quote of the Week

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace




Christmas Reading

The Nativity of the Lord Christmas


25 December 2014


Dear  St. Addai parishioners and  friends, I wish you and your families




May God fill your life with happiness, health and prosperities

Fr. Fawzi Hanna Parish Priest

Christmas & New Year &

Epiphany – Denha

 Program 2014-2015



6.00pm   Family Mass  St. Addai South

10.00pm High Mass St. Addai.  South

Thursday25/12/2014Christmas Day  

11:00am  High Mass St. Thomas More North

7.00pm St. Columba  –Hamilton

Friday 26/12/2013 (Solemnity of Our Lady)

10.00am South Auckland

 North  Auckland No Mass   

6:00pm Christmas Mass at Holy Cross  Church Miramar, Wellington   

Wednesday 31/12/2014   (New Year)  

 6.00pm St. Addai South.

Thursday  1/1/2015 (New Year)

12.00 Noon St. Addai South

6.00pm St. Thomas More  North

3/1/2015 Saturday

600pm St. Columba  –Hamilton

4/1/2015 Presentation of the Lord

10.00 am . South

Sunday Epiphany - Denha)

6.00pm Blessing of the water at St. Thomas More  North

Tusday 6/1/2015 (Epiphany - Denha)

4.00 pm Baptism time South

7.00pm High Mass and Blessing of the water at St. Addai church South  Auckland

P.S. Please bring your own containers to  carry the blessed water to your homes.

























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